Coaching recommendations

Chris laible, Marketing and Journey coach

When was the last time you read your plan to make sure you are “On Track” – if you don’t have one, now is the time to start, at the very least an outline by answering these questions:

  • Who is my target customer/market, where are they?

  • How do they communicate and receive information? 

  • What are my goals; financially, volume, growth?

  • What do you have budgeted for capital investments, advertising, and donations?

  • What is your plan for keeping “On Track”?

    Contact Chris today if you need help with marketing and staying on track - she is a fantastic coach and very creative!

Pedro baez, life coach

Known as The Negativity Whisperer™ for his deft ability to spot, dig up, debunk and turn around negative thoughts and beliefs for his clients, Pedro F. Báez is a Master Certified Life Coach mentored by bestselling author, columnist and Harvard graduate Dr. Martha Beck. Pedro is also an experienced and skilled Licensed Vocational Nurse, and a rigorously trained and Certified Health Coach by the National Society of Health Coaches.

Contact Pedro today if you need a life coach - he absolutely the best!