Chris Laible is a Journey and Marketing Strategist, helping entrepreneurs stay energized by their accomplishments and stay solution forward by making sure they are personally embodied in their marketing.

Through the creation and implementation of her On Track programs, she has packaged over three decades of business experience, education, and management know how into a power-house client centered program. “On Track” was designed with the business professional in mind, but proved to have enormous influence on entrepreneurs, associations and anyone who had a need for creative marketing ideas and implementation. 

I was honored to help her develop her branding and marketing materials.

Business Cards

Square business cards with different backs explaining Chris' Track Program. One card has room for notes about her conversations with potential clients.


The first of two billboards was placed in Chris' community to spread awareness of her business. Chris received a lot of comments and interest. She gained 4 new clients in one month after implementation - making it her best month ever in business!

Facebook Cover Page

Chris has an active Facebook Group where she gives marketing advice and encourages networking among members.

Social Media Posts

I designed a couple of social media posts for Chris and did a template in Canva that she uses to design them herself.